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Information for Financial Advisers

Opportunity for advisers
The Fund provides opportunity for advisers to incorporate residential property into their investment portfolio while investors may elect to pay an advisor fee. We provide two options: 
•    Upfront professional fee - up to 5% of the Application amount paid by investors to advisors for service, either as percentage of their Application Amount or a fixed amount
•    Ongoing professional fee - up to 1% p.a., paid by investors to advisers for service from their distributions of their net Application Amount after deduction of any upfront professional fee for service
See our application form for details

What is the investment?
An unlisted residential property fund focused on income from short-term rentals, providing an easy way for clients to invest in Australian property:
•    Properties operated as short term-rentals for higher yields, targeting 9%p.a. return 
•    High focus on income distributions
•    Liquid property - investment predominantly in CBD apartments
•    Low min investment cost of $10k (Retail) or $20k (Wholesale) 

Our expertise in short-term residential property
•    The properties are operated by our specialist residential property group - Ready Set Apartments
•    We have a highly skilled specialist team, that has successfully managed over 75 properties, and a track record of higher returns 
•    We are highly motivated to deliver strong returns for investors - every time an Investor, their family or friends stay at a fund property when they are on holiday they both enjoy a discount for their stay and contribute to improving the fund’s return
Why invest now?
•    Due to Covid, the fund anticipates more likely opportunities to find properties at lower purchase prices and therefore generate additional capital gains.

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The information in this section of the website is solely for the use of financial services professionals only. Under no circumstances is this to be used by a potential investor for the purposes of making a decision to invest. This information is general information only and does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person.

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