How to invest?

Step 0. Work out if you are Wholesale or Retail client

Step 1. Read the Information Memorandum or Product Disclosure Statement

Wholesale clients: read the  Information Memorandum

Retail clients: read the Product Disclosure Statement issued by Primary Securities Ltd. We also recommend retail clients seek financial advice.

Step 2. Complete the Application Form

If you decide to invest, you can either complete and submit the online Application Form at or complete, sign and return the paper copy of the Application Form to the address below.

Step 3. Identify Yourself
If you are a new Investor, you must provide the Fund with appropriate certified identification documents, as required by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth). 

​Step 4. Electronic Funds Transfer
Transfer funds electronically to the fund account provided in the application form. Please use your name as a reference, to ensure there is no delay in allocating your Units in the Fund.


If you have completed the paper form, please send it with the required certified documents to:


Ready Set Funds Management

3/300 King Street

Melbourne VIC 3000
Primary Securities Ltd, the Trustee of Ready Set Short Term Rental Fund, processes applications, and issues Units at the beginning of each month

This information is general information only and does not take your personal needs, objectives and circumstances into account. It is important for you to consider the Information Memorandum for the Fund if you are a wholesale investor or the Product Disclosure Statement issued by Primary Securities Ltd for Class N of Primary Investment Board if you are a retail investor in deciding whether to invest, or to continue to invest, in the Fund or Class N as the case may be.You can read the Information Memorandum or the Product Disclosure Statement on our website or ask for a copy from the Trustee.

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