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Why invest with Ready Set?
Image by Naomi Hébert

When you join Ready Set Short Term Rental Fund, you co-invest with us and become a part-owner of a portfolio of residential properties. The properties will be managed for you by professional short-term rental managers, that handle research, acquisitions, property maintenance and guest communications. If you wish to you enter the residential property investment market, at affordable levels, Ready Set enables you to build upon the benefits of property investment:

  • We hand-pick quality properties, based on their growth potential

  • Properties managed as short-term rentals, targeting returns of 9% p.a.

  • Quarterly income distributions to investors

  • Low entry cost of $5K (Retail investors) or $20k (Wholesale investors)

  • Easy to invest - it  takes few minutes to fill the application form

  • Every time an Investor, their family or friends stay at a fund property when they are on holiday they both enjoy a discount and contribute to improving the fund’s return

  • Due to Covid, the fund anticipates more likely opportunities to find properties at lower purchase prices and therefore generate additional capital gains.

Invest with us - Ready Set is committed to help you achieve your financial goals!

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