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Ready Set
Short Term Rental Fund

The Fund is a wholesale unit trust with a core focus on residential apartments in Australian cities. The Fund specialises in short term rentals.

The combination of low entry price, professional research, and professional property and rental management allows the convenience of investing without the time-consuming elements normally associated with direct property ownership.


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How does it work?

Why invest with Ready Set? 

Ready Set Short Term Rental Fund will offer quarterly distributions, providing a regular source of income for investors. The Fund targets residential apartments in Australian cities that have the potential to deliver a regular and reliable income stream and achieve long-term capital appreciation. Distributions may be paid in cash or reinvested back into the Fund. Investment has risks and there is no guarantee with respect to the payment of distributions or the return of capital.

Regular Income

The Fund provides indirect property ownership at a lower cost entry level without the management responsibilities of direct property ownership. Ready Set believes that the benefits of professional short-term property management and professional research, along with the long-term performance of the residential property asset class, presents an attractive investment opportunity.


Investors own units in a fund with a professional manager with experience in the sector, who may have access to information and investment opportunities not readily available to individuals.


As a managed fund involves the pooling of money with other investors, the range of properties that can be purchased is often much wider than the range of properties that may otherwise be purchased directly by a single investor. The greater level of diversification means that investors are less exposed to the performance of individual assets.


The amount of income distributions that investors receive depends on the current level of hotel market rates, while the potential for capital gains depends on the property market development, which do not always correlate. By investing in the Fund, an investor may achieve a better investment outcome in case of fall of the property market prices, due to the primarily income-oriented structure of the fund.

Low Entry

The minimum initial investment is $10,000.

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